Adventure Roadmap

The Adventure Roadmap expands each of the discovery process steps into specific, essential values and appropriate behavioral results, presented below in the form of personal pledges.  If the learning activities can produce a personal commitment to continue to demonstrate the practiced behaviors, we consider the program to be successful.

The “I can overcome…” column contains the ten behaviors specified by administrators and teachers as important barriers in the learning process.  From a broader perspective, each process step and its targeted values impacts multiple negative behaviors, as shown here.

Adventure Title/Theme I can overcome Key Values I pledge to ...
1. Discovering your Responsibility for your life. "PR" = Proactive Responsibility Bullying & Lying Courage, Truth & Self-Control
  • Be Responsible and Not A Victim.
  • Be Proactive and Not reactive.
2. Discovering initiative to pursue Life Purpose. "CD" = Can Do Apathy To Learning Excellence, Initiative & Integrity
  • Build a life-long learning habit.
  • Create my own success by taking initiative.
  • NOT procrastinate & avoid due to fears.
  • Seek excellence by doinq my best in everything.
3. Discovering who you are & your giftedness. "TD" = Talents Discovered Low Self-Esteem Appreciation, Loyalty & Self-Respect
  • Pursue developing my giftedness.
  • Encourage someone else to pursue their giftedness.
4. Discovering a Vision for your path in life. "V" = Vision Disrespect of Myself, Disrespect of Others Creativity, Goal-Setting & Encouragement
  • Pursue who I want to BE.
  • DO actions towards my goals and dreams.
  • Encourage someone else to pursue a goal or dream.
5. Discovering self-management. "3-T" = Manage your Time, Treasure & Temptations Cheating, Stealing & Addictions Excellence, Priority-Setting & Self-Control
  • Stop wasting time & money on some "Addiction" that is consuming.
  • Encourage someone else by asking them to join me in giving up the "Addiction".
  • Put the time & money saved to my giftedness & goals/dreams.
6. Discovering meaningful relationships. "MR" = Meaningful Relationships Fights & Violence Consideration, Loyalty & Relationships
  • Move a relationship from L-L, W-L, or L-W to Win-Win.
  • Recognize & appreciate a Win-Win relationship you have with a friend or family member.
7. Discovering teamwork & collaboration. "TLC" = Teams Love Collaborating Disrespect of Authority Respect, Teamwork & Winning
  • Contribute to a goal of my team to make a difference.
  • Promote team spirit at home, school, or activity sports/performing arts.